I’m hungry all day long after a good Saturday morning bike ride.  What am I supposed to do if I want to lean out a little for the race season?  Ignoring my hunger is not the answer.

There are a handful of good eating habits that will help.  One of those is to eat high volume foods.

High volume foods are foods that are big and bulky.  They fill you up by hogging all the space in your stomach.  Vegetables are an obvious one.  Start your meal with a salad.  That way you won’t need as much of the rest of the food on your plate.  Beans and oatmeal can also go on this list.  Think about how much water you are eating when you eat beans.  A bean will triple in size when you cook it!

High volume foods will usually have a lot of water content and will likely be high in fiber.

Think about it like a shaggy dog.  A shaggy dog looks fat and heavy, but when you shave it, it is the same as most other dogs.  This is how your food should be.  It should look bigger than the calories it will actually provide.

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