Race Day Menus!

Leave the meal planning to Choice Cut Nutrition. We will customize a meal plan for your specific event. Whether you are competing in an endurance event, team race, or a sprint, we will make out a menu of tasty foods to keep you fuel throughout the duration of your event. Your only responsibility will be to make the food preparations as outlined in the menu.

Public Speaking Events!

(Limited to Southern California, Inland Empire Region)

One of my objectives here is to streamline the services of a Registered Dietitian where they are needed MOST! Gyms, sporting organizations, and the general public are FULL of motivated people wanting to improve their health, nutrition, and PERFORMANCE! This is about helping people who want to be helped. If you need to kick off a WELLNESS program, then this is a great way to both educate and inspire people to make changes in their lives.

Nutrition Counseling!

Have an individual goal you need help obtaining? Our team uses a motivational interviewing approach to help you make attainable short term goals that will accumulate to meet your longer term objectives. Need to reduce your body fat percentage? Increase your muscle mass? Are you facing obstacles such as the everyday demands of life? Always on the go? It’s time to make a plan.

Meal Plans!

Every cyclist has their own reason for riding. Whether you are seeking performance improvement, weight loss, muscle gain, improved muscle function, or the right balance between fitness and food, we are ready to help. Custom meal plans will be made based on the foods you are already accustomed to eating. Small changes will be made regularly until your diet is perfect for meeting your goals.