That’s right, OSO means BEAR in spanish! And we’re rolling with the espanol on this one because Mexican food is the best, and I love to put a spicy Mexican spin on my oso diet selections.

So what is the oso diet?

No, it’s not a diet of rummaging through trash for discarded food scraps. No trash bears in this online community. We stick to the rivers and the lakes that we’re used to.

The oso diet is all about the fishes. Think about it. You’ve seen those pictures of bears in a river with a fish in the mouth? Those are some happy bears! They are happy because the main source of protein in their diet is LOADED with omega 3.

Los osos are not even trying to be healthy! They are just doing things right because that’s what they know how to do. So, you’re gonna need to know why these bears are so happy. I’ve condensed it down to tres reasons:

  1. Omega 3 has a positive effect on mental health. There is an abundance of research supporting the positive effects of una dieta high en omega 3 on mental health. All those fishes are making these bears happy.
  2. A diet high in omega 3 can reduce inflammation. You would be happy like these bears if you eliminated a solid chunk of inflammation from your life.
  3. Bears are solid and well functioning beasts! Don’t we all want to be built? Maybe you don’t want to be built like a bear, but you can still become a lean and awesome beast.

Not long ago I decided I wanted to attempt pesco-vegetarianism for a short while. I actually was going to use tofu as my main source of protein. After the first three days of my new lifestyle I realized I had eaten fish every day for the first three days. Hmmmm, I thought. Maybe I can keep going with this. And I did!

Now I eat fish at EVERY MEAL! Yeah baby, you like that? I know you do.

When I was a normal person, I used to peel the skin off my salmon filet on the rare occasion that I would eat fish. Now I slurp up that skin like un oso en el rio!

There is definitely more to the oso diet, but I wanted to start things off with a little taste of pescado in your mouth. So start eating more fish, and we will develop this as we continue.