Ever skip breakfast to go for a ride?

Trust me, I know how it is.  You want to get up early and get in a good cardio session, but sleep is precious.  You’re on a tight schedule.  Breakfast takes the back seat to sleep.

Here is the issue…

After fasting through the night, your body’s carbohydrates stores are somewhat depleted.  When this carb storage starts nearing empty, you begin utilizing protein as a fuel source.  Interpretation… you start burning muscle.

You may have heard that you burn a higher percentage of calories from fat when you exercise without eating before hand.  This is true.    However, is it worth the cost of a little lean mass?

Instead, have a small serving of carbohydrates first thing when you get up.  Keep it small enough to not weigh you down during the workout, but big enough to give you a little fuel.  This will start your metabolism for the day and get your body ready for some exercise. A little protein is okay also, but be careful with it because proteins take longer to digest, and can leave you feeling heavy.

Breakfast tells your body that it has an available  supply of energy and to not hold back on burning fuel.  Skipping breakfast tells your body that your next meal is undetermined, and that it needs to be frugal with calorie expenditure.

Let your metabolism and your caloric intake work for you.  Keep it in check by starting your day right.

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