Sports dietitian

Craig Pulsipher MS, RD

My objective is to streamline the services of a Registered Dietitian where they are needed MOST!

In the fitness industry!

Gyms, sporting organizations, and the general public are FULL of motivated people wanting to improve their health, nutrition, and PERFORMANCE! This is about helping people who want to be helped.

I am a Registered Dietitian specializing in sports nutrition. My interest in nutrition started as a way to help me become a better cyclist. I now use it as a means to improve my own personal sports performance of all kinds, weight lifting, and mastering of body composition. After becoming a dietitian, I decided to continue my education by completing a Masters in Human Movement with an emphasis in strength and conditioning. With this combined background in nutrition and human movement, I have set out to share my expertise with those who seek to take a proactive approach to improve their health and optimize their performance.